What is Fume?

Fume is a mobile game aimed at supporting tobacco-free life, offering information about tobacco products and increasing understanding about the consequences of tobacco product use in a new and fun way. Fume can be played independently or used in tobacco-related health education and promotion for example at schools.

Fume is targeted primarily at 10-13-year-old adolescents. You can download Fume to your mobile devices from different mobile stores free of charge. Fume is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Portuguese.

Fume includes fact sheets and seven different minigames where the player gets to examine the consequences of tobacco and snus use for example on health, physical health and environment. The minigames also cover peer pressure and the costs of using tobacco products.

Fume offers a fun and humoristic approach on exploring tobacco-related matters that are based on facts. The Fume game can be played quickly, and it takes only under 10 minutes to familiarize with the content. However, the game is easy and fun to return to and try to beat personal high score.

Fume has been developed together with adolescents, the Connected Health UTU -research group (University of Turku) and NordicEdu (until 2020) and Hehto (since 2021) game companies. Fume is a part of the NO! To smoking –project and a postgraduate research completed at the department of Nursing Science at the University of Turku. Fume has been further developed as a part of an ongoing postgraduate research. University of Turku owns the Fume game. 

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Johanna Nyman
MNSc, PhD student
Department of Nursing Science
University of Turku, Finland
e-mail: johanna.nyman(a)utu.fi